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Photo Show

Keith O'Leary (Interim Chair)

We encourage all members to submit photographs for our  Photo Shows. 

Here are our Photo Show Themes for 2024:

Feb. 19th - The Rule of Thirds

Mar. 18th - Photograph three (3) of the following:
1. Close-up of a person
                     2. 2 to 3 people interacting 

                     3. Action shot
                     4. Animal shot
                     5. Nature shot

May 20th - One subject with 2 Different light sources

June 17th - One Subject with 2 Different depths of field

July 15th -  Stop Action & Blur Motion of Same (or Similar) Subject

Aug. 19th - One subject from 2 different angles/perspectives

Nov. 18th - 5 to 8 Picture PhotoStory by Youth Participants

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