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Field Trips/Workshops

Hugh Comfort-Outings/Field Trips Coordinator

2024 Field Trips/Workshops (tentative):


1st Quarter (Jan.-Mar.)  Burlington Train Station

May 4th: Place: Burlington Arboretum
                Obj: Understanding Light & Exposure
                Exercise: Experiment with different light                                          sources and exposure settings.

June 1st: Place: Center of Creative Leadership
                 Obj: Understanding Depth of Field,                                         Composition, Angle of View
                 Exercise: Experiment taking same                                                   compositions with shallow (wide                                       aperture) and deep (narrow                                               aperture) depths of field and from                                   different angles.

June 29th: Place: Burlington City Park
                   Obj: Understanding Stop Action vs Blur                                   Motion
                   Exercise: Experiment taking stop action                                          and capturing blur motion from                                        same or similar subjects.

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