February 2020 Newsletter

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Some interesting stuff (at least to me) and some great member photos.

  • Herbert’s “Curves and Spirals” PhotoShow winner is on the front page. More winners on page 4.

  • Mike’s comments on page 2 as usual.

  • Carole’s membership comments on page 3.

  • Note changes beginning in May for our meeting location on pages 5 & 6.

  • “Attention Please” on page 7.

  • Herbert’s (first and HM places) and Len’s second place photos with comments how they created them are on pages 8 & 9.

  • PhotoShow information is on page 10.

  • Tutorials begin on page 11:

  • Tips for Black and White Wildlife Photography

  • RAW vs JPEG – The Ultimate Guide

  • A Few Tips for Black and White Conversion

  • 5 Remarkably Effective Winter Photography Field Strategies

  • Sam Lynch forwarded an article to me: “How to Give Back to Your Community as a Photographer in 2020”. It begins on page 26.

I appreciate input such as Sam’s. Len has recommended a site on Black and White Street Photography. I will try to include it in our next newsletter.

Thanks to both of them.

Ray Munns - Editor

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