Decemeber 2019 Newsletter

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2019 is winding down and it has been a good one for our club. We’ve had some great programs, PhotoShows, field trips, and fellowship. Also new members have added photographic talent and experience that have made our club better.

Our last newsletter of the year has some good stuff in it.

  • The cover shot and PhotoShow winner by Ed Haynes is beautiful. More top photos from our November PhotoShow are on page 5.

  • Our President’s Comments are on page 2.

  • Carole’s Membership Comments are on page 4.

  • Don’t forget about our Christmas Party and Slide Show at the December meeting – page 6.

  • Note the special invitation to an exhibit at the Center for Creative Leadership on page 7.

  • There are three tutorials beginning on page 8.

  • Using Curves to Enhance Composition

  • What Makes Some Photographs Better Than Others?

  • Christmas Light Photography Tips?

What would you like to see in our newsletter?

Merry Christmas!

Ray Munns - Editor

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