November 2019 Newsletter

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We’re beginning to see some color in trees locally. I think it’s a little later than usual this year. I still have dahlias growing that are worthy of photographing. There should be some color at Cedarock Park on our field trip this Saturday. I was concerned just a couple of weeks ago about there being any water at the dam in the park. At present, I have over 1.5” of rain in my gauge and more is predicted for today. Then fall truly arrives.

Lots of good stuff in our newsletter:

  • Mike’s review of 2019 is on page 2.

  • The latest info on our field trip to Cedarock Park is on page 3.

  • Our Christmas Party is mentioned on page 4.

  • A welcome to four new members is on page 5.

  • See information about our November PhotoShow on page 6.

  • See photos at our Paramount Theater club exhibit on page 7.

  • Tutorials begin on page 9. They include:

  • Landscape Photography and How to Master the Art of Seeing

  • Don’t Pass By Those Great Intimate Scenics as You “Focus” on the Grand Landscape

  • How to Get Superb Color in Your Photography

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Sunrise or Sunset Photos Don’t Look Stunning

Enjoy our newsletter and, as usual, I’m open to suggestions as to content for our newsletter.

Ray Munns - Editor

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