June 2019 Newsletter

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Hope everyone is enjoying the hot weather. It’s not even summer yet and I’ve had enough – I think age may have something to do with how I feel.

It includes our May PhotoShow winners – front page and page 5.

Our president has his usual words of wisdom on page 2.

Carole has her membership article on page 3.

Articles about our June 17th program as well as our May PhotoShow leader are on page 4.

Our next Exhibit and field trip are covered on page 6.

If anyone wants an APC logo shirt, check out pages 7 & 8.

Beginning on page 9 there are three tutorials:

  • How to Photograph Fireworks

  • Bird Photography: How to Take Great Bird Photos

  • 5 Tips for Stunning Macro Photography

I hope these tutorials are meaningful to some of you. It would be great if you gave me suggestions of what you would like to see in our newsletter. If you have a favorite place or trip that you would like to write about (with photos), please let me know.

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