September 2018 Newsletter

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Well, summer is about over – at least August – so it’s time for another APC newsletter. I really look forward to some cooler days.

We’re putting a new feature in our newsletter that I hope will become a monthly item. Its purpose is to help us get to know each other better. On a voluntary basis, I want to feature one of our members with a short bio and some of their photos. Bob Finley has graciously volunteered to be our first (with a little arm twisting). Thank you, Bob! See pages 6 & 7. Who wants to be next? I would love to have a long list of members on a list to be part of the “Club Members Gallery”.

Note page 4 which has some important points.

Hugh notes a planned outing on page 8.

Shirts with our APC logo are available for purchase as noted on pages 9 & 10.

There are several tutorials beginning on page 11. They include:

  • “7 Tricks for

  • "Sport and High-Speed Action Photography”

  • “3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Back Button Focus”

  • “How to Photograph Shapes Instead of Landscapes”

  • “How to Shoot the Perfect Picture”

Ray Munns - Editor

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