July 2018 Newsletter

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Check out our July newsletter! It’s a little longer than usual but there was lots of stuff I wanted to use. Wouldn’t mind you letting me know what you want to see. Herbert House graciously offered to do an article on “street photography” (page 9) which is our July PhotoShow topic. Other items included are:

Comments from our president about photographing the public - page 2

Our membership piece from Carole – page 3

Photos taken at the Paramount Theater – pages 4 & 5

Photos taken at our last meeting – page 6

Our next PhotoShow – page 7

Our August program – page 8

Tutorials beginning on page 9 including:

  • Street Photography - 9

  • Fireworks Tips – 11

  • Photographing Light – 17

  • Photographing Lightning – 21

  • Summer Photography from Dawn to Dusk – 22

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