May 2018 Newsletter

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Maybe the snow has finished (I repeat from a last month) for this Spring. Anyway the flowers, insects, animals, people, etc. seem to be enjoying the weather more.

I am getting out more on photo outings and sincerely hope you are, too. The recent club field trip to the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill was great.

Lots of good stuff in this issue:

Our club president Mike is still “behind the lens” with some good observations. – page 2

The addition of three new members. – page 3

I like to publish members’ photos as much as is practical. See page 4 for some pics from the 2017 Christmas slideshow. Good stuff!

Our May PhotoShow about “wildlife” is noted on page 5.

Guidelines for our exhibit at the Paramount is on page 6.

  • Several tutorials beginning on page 7 including:

  • 10 Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography – page 7

  • Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras – page 16

  • How to Shoot in the Rain – page 18

  • How to Improve Your Insect Photography – page 21

  • What are Complimentary Colors? – page 22 This one is a repeat from an earlier newsletter and is for my benefit as much as anyone’s.

Photo by Sandra Whitesell

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