February 2018 Newsletter

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Check out the comments by club president Mike King on page 2. He has some great ideas on how you can be involved in our club.

January had some of the coldest weather that I remember - two snows and over a week straight without getting above freezing. Pages 4-7 show some of our members’ cold weather photos. Thank you for your contribution with your photos.

Daniel Walker will have the program this month – “Have Camera Will Travel”. It will be great. Check page 8 for more info.

Former Club President Len Barnard has contributed an article in this newsletter beginning on page 9. I hope we have more club members who contribute to our newsletter.

Our membership memo is on page 11.

Beginning on page 12, there are two more tutorials:

  • “Creating with Color”

  • “Exposing for Shadows”

This newsletter file is a little larger than usual but I wanted to be sure to include member photos. I hope it doesn’t cause you a problem in downloading it.

Your Editor,

Ray Munns

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