January 2018 Newsletter

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As I sit here by my warm fireplace on this Sunday afternoon with a cloudy sky and 25° on my front porch, I think back over the year for our club. It was a good year. We’ve added new members and made new friends within our club. One milestone for our club was the recognition of our retiring president. Without him our club would probably not exist. New friendships would not have become a reality. Note the photo (page 1) and article (page 3) about this recognition of Leonard Barnard.

Our new club president Mike King is set to take over. See his first article as president on page 2.

Carole reports on club membership for 2017 on page 4.

Our PhotoShow for January will be “black and white” photos (page 5).

Photos at our Christmas Social and PhotoShow begin on page 6. Thanks Dave and Russell.

There are three tutorials:

  • The Art vs. the Craft of Photography

  • How to Become a Better Street Photographer

  • Taking Pictures in Cold Weather (Send me some of your recent “cold weather” photos for the newsletter.)

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